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Frequently Asked Questions About School Council

The J.R. Wilcox School Council has a proud history of community involvement. We are a team of parents, staff and community members working to better the Wilcox Student Experience. Interested in what we do? What we talk about? Where the money goes that School Council raises? Here are a few FAQ’s

What is the goal of School Council?

  • Our goal with school council is to offer parents/caregivers a variety of ways to share their voices, knowledge, and expertise
  • Recognize that relationship building is key to breaking down walls and barriers
  • Strive to identify and eliminate barriers to participation for parents/caregivers
  • Disrupt practices that contribute to oppression based on race, class, nationality, abilities, gender, education, or language 

What do you discuss at School Council Meetings?

  • We hear from the teachers and Ms. Vine on what is top of mind for them. We then discuss activities we think the kids could benefit from – everything from reading groups to after school activities to speakers we think we should bring in!

What kind of a time commitment is council?

  • We meet on the last Tuesday of every month from 7:00 – 8:00 pm virtually. If you want to be a voting member, you must attend all meetings. If you are on council, you can expect about 3 hours a month of work. This can include meeting other council members and principal to drive initiatives forward, reaching out to the community to secure resources/speakers for the school, and attending the meetings,
  • Our council meetings are open to all parents, guardians and community members. They happen on the last Tuesday of every month school is in session.
  • Would you like to add something to the agenda? Have questions or ideas? Email your School Council 2021/2022 Chair

Do I have to vote if I’m on council?

  • If you want to vote, you MUST nominate yourself as a voting member and ATTEND all school council meetings
  • Alternatively, you can be part of council and be a listener and observer
  • Every member of the parent/caregiver community is able to be part of the council!

Meet your 2021/2022 School Council Executives

Ronit Soroksky, Chair

Fun Fact: Ronit has seen every episode of Gilmore Girls…twice! After the birth of her children, meeting Rory Gilmore was the best day of her life.

Rosanne Brown, Treasurer

Fun Fact: Rosanne used to be part of a flying trapeze group.  Catch her performance at the next School Council meeting!

Joan Ogunyowa, Co-Secretary

Fun Fact: Joan loves to travel and once got to kiss an adult giraffe on one of her trips!

Maria Tsafaras, Co-Secretary

Fun Fact: Maria’s son JK classroom is the exact same classroom she attended JK in. Rumor has it, the gum she left under her desk is still there too!

Want to get in touch?

E-mail the School Council Chair at

Food Pantry

As we look towards the warmer months, please note there is a community pantry located near the corner of Ava and Winnett. Click here for suggestions of most needed items.

Please click here for a listing of all meeting minutes

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